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Makati Staycation Guide

Makati Staycation Guide Nothing is as unique or ultra-sophisticated as Makati City in the Metro Manila area. It remains the best city to live, work, or spend a staycation in. In fact, formulating a perfect Makati staycation guide is a daunting task, for there are just countless tips and ideas for a truly fulfilling Makati staycation. Here are just a handful of great staycation ideas. Things to Do in Makati City Makati is loaded with oodles of fun staycation activities for all ages and types. This Makati staycation guide lists only some of the most notable ones. 1. If...

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Seda Vertis North Staycation Review

A staycation in Metro Manila usually makes one think of hotels down south, such as the Ayala CBD or MOA areas.  But if you live somewhere on the other end of the metropolis, especially in the northern part, you don’t need to go far just to enjoy a luxurious staycation.  For one, there’s the a new hotel in town, Seda Vertis North hotel, right in Quezon City.  Just check out this and other Seda Vertis North staycation review and you’ll see why this place should be your next top choice of a staycation in Quezon City.   About Seda...

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JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka: Staycation in Cottage Country

Muskoka, the Cottage Country As a native or resident of Ontario, Canada, you are blessed with many good vacation alternatives. Even if you live in large cities like Toronto, you need not spend time or money, or go very far to have a fantastic vacation with your family. You can easily plan a staycation in Muskoka, Ontario, which is a mere four-hour drive from the capital, Ottawa, via the lovely Algonquin Park route and access the Muskoka area through Gravenhurst, a historic town with several lakes. If you’ll be coming from Toronto, it will just be a two-hour drive....

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What is Airbnb? The Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Airbnb? Without Internet technology, people would have to book their hotel accommodations either by contacting the hotel directly or by making arrangements through their travel agents. Now that there’s the convenience of Internet technology, travelers can choose from various online booking sites like TripAdvisor, Agoda, and recently Airbnb.  These all provide you with listings of available travel accommodations.  But what makes Airbnb stand out from its competitors is that it specializes in connecting the traveler or user who needs accommodations to hosts who are renting their homes, rooms, or other unused spaces for a limited period of...

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8 Hotels with Swimming Pool in Quezon City

Hotels with Swimming Pool in Quezon City Of all the amenities a hotel can offer, none has more appeal than a swimming pool.  A swimming pool is a great place to spend quality time with family and friends.  There’s nothing like plunging into a pool full of cool refreshing water on a warm summer’s day.  Fitness buffs also appreciate the opportunity not only to relax but also make swimming a workout routine.  Metro Manila staycationers will be happy to know that there is actually an abundance of hotels with swimming pool in Quezon City and other places in the...

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